We handle all soil stabilization for extraction jobs in Adelaide. In this process, grout is installed beneath an already existing building to solidify part or the entire ground in order to retain the soil underneath your foundation. This makes it possible for deep excavation activity to be carried out next to the building without any risk of undermining the structure. Adjusting of the mix allows the grout to soften well enough to be able to carve with any small excavator but at the same time be strong enough to remain in place and fully support your building.


The method is a properly engineered procedure, which offers for the bearing capacity of your foundation soils to be continuously improved proportionately down to very considerable depths, or it could just be limited to a specific depth through the injection of some expanding Geo-polymer resins. This procedure allows for densification and the compaction of soils resting directly underneath your building, this is actually done without any excavation nor vibration or even use of mechanical forces.

At Underpinning SA we use the method that involves physically replacing the damp damaged areas and placing a plastic damp course under the building creating a water proof barrier the walls are then built back on top of this plastic creating a permanent solution to your salt damp problem. By using the under setting method your domestic & commercial buildings get ready for paint as soon as the work is completed, unlike salt damp injection methods where you are required to wait for a minimum of a 3 month period before any render or stone replacement can take place.


We offer you with the most modern technology that are superior and very cost effective techniques that are aimed at the rapid provision of a solidly long lasting and very durable foundation formation that is perfect for numerous applications. The stabilization process is known for saving a lot of time when it comes to project construction and it is very environmental friendly. This means that the whole process will enable you to save a lot of money. More Info: & Call Us: 1300 365 737


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