How to Eliminate Threats from Your Foundation

As you know there is the greatest fears is finding foundation problems. An underpinning structure is installed beneath your foundation to provide additional support to your home. These problems can range from cracks to water damage to settling and displacement. Foundation damage can result from a variety of causes, including poor soil conditions, moisture and engineering. Underpinning comes in many types and suits different kinds of repair projects. In order to make the right choice, it is necessary to understand the structure of the foundation, the supports which are used and the factors that cause the foundation to become damaged.

underpinning adelaide

Where a building has been damaged by foundation movement and has required underpinning, there may also be a need to carry out structural repairs. Such works should be designed and specified by a structural engineer or a specialist structural repair company. Underpinning your home with quality foundation repair products can fix issues, whether it is a crawlspace, slab lifting on grade or a basement made of poured concrete or block. But sometime soil holding the foundation may become weak due to weathering or necessary excavations. Changes in the structure might also cause the foundation to lose its support efficiency. When you encounter some of these problems, one solution is foundation underpinning.


One effective way to keep your foundation from developing issues is to water it. To do this, put a soaker hose along the south-facing wall and wrap it around the east and west ends of the home. Be sure to place the hose close to the foundation and consider using a timer to turn on the hose at night. This will result in a lower amount of evaporation and higher efficiency. The most common method is traditional mass concrete underpinning, a technique that involves excavating a segment of ground below the existing building foundation in controlled stages, to a depth where suitable bearing strata exists.


This method is low cost and suitable for shallow depth underpinning. Work can be carried out from one side of the wall and in areas of difficult and restricted access. It is suitable for heavy foundation loads and massive structures and for the formation of new cellars and basements beneath existing buildings. Underpinning Adelaide specialists are expert in fixing Foundations, Repair Cracks, salt damp treatment &Structural Restoration Services for household & business-related properties.  


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